Thursday, May 16, 2013


I spotted Fishman while on a lunchtime stroll. I wasn't able to try it then because the restaurant was full. I was intrigued though that people would go to a place which predominantly serves fish.

As it was after 2 in the afternoon when I visited yesterday, it was just me and another diner enjoying the restaurant's food and ambiance. The interiors which is done in tropical colors give the restaurant a relaxing vibe. Dressing up the crew in sailor suits is also a nice touch.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Fish & Co.

I used to be a regular at Fish & Co but haven't been to one since they closed the Shangrila branch. This was my first time at their Mall of Asia Branch.

If I wasn't availing of a Bistro Club perk, I would have ordered my usual, Captain Hook, portion serving of The Best Fish & Chips. Instead, I ordered the Fish Burger (PHP275), tender fish fillet fried with special spiced flour garnished with shredded lettuce and sauteed onion. This was quite good, the fish fillet was cooked exactly similar to how they would serve it Captain Hook style, crunchy on the outside but soft inside. The bread was fresh and soft to the bite.

Fish Burger

Thursday, May 2, 2013


Eating at Conti's is always a pleasant experience. I've tried Greenhills, Serendra, Trinoma and they've surpassed my expectations. The recently opened branch at Robinson's Magnolia is no exception as I was again wowed.

As we were just waiting for the mall to open, we ordered a club sandwich to share and individual servings of halo halo.

The club sandwich was very good, soft to the bite, with each component complementing each other. It was served with potato chips.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Miso Ten

Miso Ten takes its name from the two main items it serves, miso ramen and tendon or rice toppings.

It's not as expensive as more popular places which serve ramen. A bowl typically costs less than PHP300. The restaurant should improve their menu because while there are five choices of ramen, there was no explanation as to how they're different from each other. i had to ask the waiter to describe each. We ordered the Miso-Ten Original (PHP275) and found it quite filling, a little salty but good although not as impressive as Ramen Bar's or SumoSam's.

Miso Ten Original

There are several options for add-ons. We ordered Roast Chicken (PHP35) which was served on the side rather than on top of the ramen as I expected it would be. There were 4 strips of tender roast chicken drizzled in what appears to be teriyaki sauce. I think this offers good value for money as it could be a main dish by itself.

Add On: Roast Chicken

We also ordered Seafood Tendon (PHP220) which is composed of 1 ebi, 1 kani, 1 squid, 1 asohos on a bed of rice drizzled with tempura sauce. The dish was very filling but typical tempura. I think they should serve tempura sauce on the side for people who want their food less dry.

Seafood Tendon

Hot tea and water were served on the house. A can of Pepsi Light set me back PHP50.

The restaurant occupies a small area in the 2nd floor al fresco section of Robinson's Magnolia. It accomodates around 30 people in the indoor seating area with more seats available al fresco. It has an open kitchen so diners sitting by the bar can watch the chefs af work.

Service wise, they were very attentive and accomodating of requests such as change of reservations and seats.