Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Fish & Co.

I used to be a regular at Fish & Co but haven't been to one since they closed the Shangrila branch. This was my first time at their Mall of Asia Branch.

If I wasn't availing of a Bistro Club perk, I would have ordered my usual, Captain Hook, portion serving of The Best Fish & Chips. Instead, I ordered the Fish Burger (PHP275), tender fish fillet fried with special spiced flour garnished with shredded lettuce and sauteed onion. This was quite good, the fish fillet was cooked exactly similar to how they would serve it Captain Hook style, crunchy on the outside but soft inside. The bread was fresh and soft to the bite.

Fish Burger

My friend, on the other hand, ordered from the new Ranch and Reef menu. She had the Fish & Ribs (PHP 495), portion serving of The Best Fish & Chips & The Best Ribs in Town served with rice and vegetables. Both the fish and ribs were outstanding. My friend was right. With this meal, you get the best of both. I would probably order this next time.

Fish and Ribs
For both entrees, I asked them to serve us the trio of sauces as I like the combination of fish, garlic and tartar sauce.

Bottomless iced tea was PHP100 while a can of Coke Light was PHP80.

For dessert, I had the Ice Bomber (PHP170), layers of vanilla and taro ice cream coated with graham-chocnut crust. This was very good as the ice cream was frozen but melts in the mouth. The sweetness was just right too.

Ice Bomber
At the time of our visit, the restaurant was full and even the alfresco dining area was occupied. This, I believe, means that the restaurant enjoys a following and would probably benefit from more branches in the Metro. As it is, the branches that they have now are few and far between. I hope they'd open more branches.

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