Thursday, May 16, 2013


I spotted Fishman while on a lunchtime stroll. I wasn't able to try it then because the restaurant was full. I was intrigued though that people would go to a place which predominantly serves fish.

As it was after 2 in the afternoon when I visited yesterday, it was just me and another diner enjoying the restaurant's food and ambiance. The interiors which is done in tropical colors give the restaurant a relaxing vibe. Dressing up the crew in sailor suits is also a nice touch.
I ordered the Kiddie Fish and Chips (PHP158), which the waiter said is about half the adult order. The deep fried fish fillet was served on a bed of fries. Although soft and juicy on the inside, the batter was a bit thick in some parts.

Kiddie Fish and Chips
I appreciated the fact that they allowed me to order a Kiddie Meal without question. After all, some adults, seniors particularly, have smaller appetites. Or like me, exercise portion control.

Free WiFi is available.

Although the restaurant primarily serves fish, they also have seafood and 2 meat dishes on the menu so you don't have to ditch your meat loving friends when you try Fishman.

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