Friday, June 14, 2013

Man of Steel

I didn't like it. I was anxious for the movie to end. Even IMAX didn't help.

I felt that the fight scenes were too much. I felt they more appropriate for Hulk rather than Superman.

In a scene where he gets all angry and runs after the villain threatening his mother, he actually leaves his mother with the villain's cohorts. Somehow, the audience is made to believe that the rest would not do anything harsh towards his mother.

I also felt that the participation of Jor-El was too much. A video message would have sufficed but having him direct Lois Lane's escape was crazy. Didn't they show us how he died in the beginning of the movie?

The movie ends with Clark Kent's first day at the Daily Planet as a reporter. I find that bit incredible. How can he assume a new identity after all he's done?

I missed the Superman I grew up with. He had a happy childhood, was a klutz, worked as a reporter at the Daily Planet and generally had an uncomplicated life. His only motivation was to save. That I think is what separates Superman from the other superheroes. Christopher Reeve made all that believable.

In Man of Steel, they saddled Clark with all sorts of issues, making him angry with himself, family and the world. He was a drifter for most part of the movie. True, he did some amazing saves that made Lois Lane take notice. I don't think he's done enough to earn the loyalty of humans. I think the obvious reaction of planet Earth to an alien invasion should have been to turn him in and let them do battle elsewhere.

Man of Steel was all brawn. I missed Superman's heart.

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