Saturday, June 29, 2013

Kristina's Inutak Premiun

I've encountered several branches of Kristina's Inutak Premium, even accepted offers of free taste. Although I liked what I tasted, I was turned off by the name. Utak, after all, means brain.

It took a group buying site offer to convince me to make my first purchase.

The branch at Shangrila is located in the lower ground floor, just outside the supermarket. The lady manning the store helped with my reservation.

Kristina's Inutak Premium sells only inutak and nothing more. The inutak is available in two sizes and six flavors, corn, tablea, queso de bola to name a few.

The inutak reminded me of maja blanca. Another thought it a variant of sapin sapin. Somebody said that it was a little too sweet for his taste. All of us agreed that it was good but its name could be better.

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