Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Chatime Pioneer is the favorite milk tea place of my cousin's family. Their usual order is the taro milk tea.

Not a milk tea fan myself, even if it's nearer me, I haven't been to the store until today. What prompted my visit was the kronut, Chatime's version of the croissant-doughnut hybrid currently the rage in America.

The Pioneer branch is unique in that it is the only Chatime serving the kronuts at the moment. As supply is limited, preorders and reservations are encouraged.

I didn't expect to find some when I passed by the store this afternoon. But when I did, I immediately ordered 2 of each kind (sugar raised, chocolate, white chocolate) even though I found it quite pricey at PHP55 apiece.

Not having tasted the New York original, I had nothing to compare it to expect my imagination of a croissant-doughnut combination. Because of the hype, I expected to be wowed. I wasn't. As it was flaky, it wasn't as soft as a doughnut and leaned more towards a croissant. The sugar on bread reminded me of the local bicho bicho. The creamy filling inside was a nice touch. The sweetness was just right. It was oily though.

The restaurant occupies two floors, with the counter and kitchen in the first and the seating area in the second. Parking is not a problem as Pioneer Center has ample slots.

Although the kronut was good, I prefer a less expensive 100% of 1 instead of a hybrid of 2. That said, I don't think I'd be back soon.

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