Friday, July 5, 2013

Yakitori One

I was excited to try Yakitori One because they're from the same group which manages Pepper Lunch

Its menu is anchored on the yakitori or Japanese barbecue. Ten kinds are available. Each stick is dipped in teriyaki sauce using a device which assures that each stick gets a consistent amount of sauce. One can order per stick or from the suggested combinations

I ordered 3 sticks (chicken thigh, quail egg and pork wrap, pork belly) on a bed of rice topped with teriyaki sauce and nori strips plus pickled ginger on the side. The barbecue was good but everything tasted similarly because of the sauce. I longed for some variety in my meal.

It would have been nice to pair the barbecue with a side salad or coleslaw but Yakitori One had no vegetable options on their menu. The server did offer me their soups though.

I would also appreciate it if the barbecue and rice can be served without sauce or with sauce on the side. This would be a great option for diners controlling their salt intake.

The restaurant is located in the food court of SM Aura. It has an open kitchen where you can watch the barbecue go through the device. Pretty high tech, kids will be thrilled.

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